The Beginning of Solo Travelling

My travels Solo firstly began on the 29th of July 2015 when I celebrated my 21st Birthday, I didn’t know at first if I was going to have a party or save up and travel. I was lucky enough to receive money and a travel voucher that my cousins and close friends pitched it for to help me begin my adventure of travelling to Europe.

The time came that I needed to plan what I was going to – My parents were away also and they were off to Greece first and doing the Greek Islands then heading to my grandfather’s township of Castelfranco Veneto in Northern Italy then we would be off to Rome, Baja Sardinia, Santa Margherita Ligure and Barcelona, Spain. As much as all other places were ideal for me I really wanted to explore other countries in the area so I turned to doing either a Topdeck or Contiki tour.

I really wasn’t keen on doing a tour alone as I have never traveled alone before but my options ran out as many of my friends and cousin I’d asked were not able to travel to Europe. After careful consideration, I made up my mind to do a tour and then meet my family in Rome, choosing a tour was very difficult as each company offered something different to each other, my final decision was Topdeck’s 22 day European Uncovered. The reason I choose this tour for many reasons:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Many options included
  • Walking tours in all stops
  • Better for solo travels/couples (not full on party tour)
  • Focused on many popular destinations

A year later on the 25th of July 2016 I was about to embark on my solo journey, I was extremely nervous about travelling halfway across the world alone. I choose to fly on Qatar Airways due to there reputation as Skytrak’s “World’s Best Airline” , I got lucky enough to be upgraded to Business Class due to being a solo passenger, I will say what an experience that was – I never pictured myself to be flying in style so soon in my life. The cabin crew were excellent they wouldn’t stop offering me meal and beverages. The fully laid flat bed was very comfortable and the complementary amenities from Georgio Armani I received come in handy throughout the flight.

I must say a massive thank you to all the staff that attended to me on QR905 MEL > DOH and provided me the “World’s Best Business Class Service” which is well deserved for Qatar Airways. I also got to enter the Business Class lounge which was hosted by Qantas, it offered a great selection of snacks, drinks and food and I want to acknowledge Qantas for providing their Premium Customers, Codeshare and OneWorld partners with such a great facilitates before departing.

Passport and a cold one!

Once I boarded the aircraft and grab my seat I asked for a glass of Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial as a celebration to myself to taking on this journey of solo travelling, I was lucky enough to meet a lovely lady named Deb who was seated next to me and made my journey to an extremely enjoyable one.

We shared stories of our lives, travel plans and of course shared our first Business Class experience together, she was a real mum figure to me and made me proud of myself for taking of this journey of travelling alone. I also managed to safe her iPad as if fall underneath the seat! I don’t think the cabin crew were too happy about it as they are very strict of things falling between seats. As we landed in Doha, Me and Deb said goodbye and added each other on Facebook and went our own ways as she was off to Edinburgh and I was heading to London.

Once I boarded my flight QR3 DOH > LHR I was happy to know I was getting on my first Airbus A380-861, going for Business to Economy is a major change from getting pampered in Business but I was very impressed with Qatar’s Economy seats as they were extremely comfortable, I could take my soundproof headphones from Business to cut out the noise from the crying babies. As we took off from (what I reckon was the best airport I’ve ever seen) Doha Hamad International Airport, I could get a great view of Doha’s city skyline and harbour was an amazing Arabian city it looked beautiful and so modern. That’s it for now! Time to hit London Town.

Peace Out


Doha, Qatar from the Sky.

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