Tour Review: European Uncovered 22 Day Trip from Topdeck (Part 1)

I don’t even know where to begin with this blog, but may I say what an adventure this tour was so enjoy hearing my story.. well part of it for now! It way too long to include everything in one go. That’s for another day.

So the morning of July 26th I needed to get up at 5:30am to meet the tour crew and other passengers by 7:30am. If you don’t know me personally you wouldn’t know how much I hate early starts and take my time getting ready (HEHEH)

I managed to make it on time surprisingly, couldn’t stop shaking I was that nervous to meet all these new people but once I started seeing everyone and making small talk I started to calm down and feel comfortable. Everyone was from Australia mostly but we had a few couples from New Zealand and Canada, after everyone was chatting for a bit our Topdeck Tour Leader Nuala came and introduced herself to us. She had that layback Irish accent and was a young lass – I had trouble pronouncing her name at the start but I got it right after 3 days (oppps 😃)

First Paris Selfie 😀

Once we got told to make our way to the bus we were then introduced to our awesome Bus Driver Eric, he was Dutch and loved a smoko break now and then. Unfortunately I don’t smoke so I couldn’t join him ☹ but I had other chances to speak with him, when we finished loading our suitcases on the bus Nuala started to go through our legal stuff and itinerary – but to keep it all short she spoke about the city we were going to which was Paris, France. We needed to get on the ferry to cross the English Channel from Dover to Calais but before we reached Dover I had a massive blood nose on the bus which resulted in my t-shirt getting a nice red dye on it – I swear to god I was bloody embarrassed and couldn’t change or wash my hands for 2 hrs 😐 lucky I had a jumper with me otherwise I would have walked around until we got to Paris with blood on my t-shirt.

White Cliffs of Dover, England

After a long drive from Calais we finally reached Paris (AKA. City of Lights) nothing made that entrance into Paris then hearing Ni**as in Paris by Kayne West 😝 , before we hit the town we did a driving tour of all the hot stops and tourist destinations in Paris followed by a funky French dinner at which was an Italian Resturant? Umm yeah doesn’t make sense at all but I didn’t enjoy it because they run out of the Duck meal. Instead we went to a bar for a few drinks before another big and exciting day tomorrow which was my 22nd Birthday!

The Crew in Paris, France

Why does July 29th sound so familiar? oh that right it’s my birthday and how lucky was I to spend it in Paris on a beautiful summers day (my first ever summer birthday) this was such a full on day, I managed to walk 23.6km and do 25,000 steps according to my smartwatch but it was worth it because I climbed the Eiffel Tower & The Arc de Triomphe, walk Champs-Élysées and managed to get a front row picture taken in front of the Mona Lisa thanks to James for pushing everyone out of the way hahah.

That night we had a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower followed by a Cabraret Show which showed a lot of boob and provided free red wine – typical French life right there!

Front Row Picture in Front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre

In the morning, we headed off to Engelberg, Switzerland. This was far the best snow village I’ve ever seen and our hotel room was insane with view of Mt. Titlis and the snow caped mountains. The following day we headed up to Mt. Titlis and could see and touch snow! Couldn’t believe that I saw snow in the middle of summer was so unreal, we were up the mountain for a few hours then the trip back down the mountain was… uhh let me just say me and a few of my Topdeck friends had caught ourselves in a cable cart malfunction resulting in us hanging 25ft in the air for nearly 2 hrs, this was not ideal, but I survived it how else would I be writing this ey? Hahah. Anyways I’ll leave this story to a close, but hang on another one of my wacky adventures will come along soon.

Peace Out.


View of Mt. Titlis in Engelberg, Swizerland (Swiss Alps)


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