Sponsorship for TZULS Conquers The World.

Wow! what a crazy 5 months its been starting up a blog, writing 7 weeks worth of travels, giving tips/recommendations and now starting to document my recent trip.

I have loved every moment of it and have started to reach out to so many new viewers, its now time to for my blog page to take the next level and that’s why I am announcing that I am now taking on sponsorship from any individuals, travel companies, airlines, hotels or anything to do with travelling that wants to advertise more and get their name out there.


How it works? 

Well its quite simple really, I either travel to, research or advertise your product and then come back to TZULS HQ and start telling the world how much I loved it and recommend it to make your market grow.

How much do I need to Sponsor?

It really depends on how much the your product is worth. If you want me to advertise for you it will be as small as 5 – 10% commission of the sale or if you send me to a place it will only include either hotel+flights or one of then. Spending money is for me to get #cashola

Can we negotiate or provide a different alternative?

Of course 🙂 I’m open to suggestions, Never done this before so I’m taking a crack of it.

Need more clarification? Don’t hestiate to Contact Me or you can direct email me here. Thanking you all for your support.


Peace Out



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