Trip Review: Mykonos, Greece

Probably one of the most top destination on my bucket list for a while and finally made it happen in 2017. The Windy Island of Mykonos.

As soon as you get off the plane you can see the laid back Greek hospitality, as the locals say “Your in Greece now, relaxed” well I took that saying into action and I lived by that saying for the next 3 days.

My trip to Mykonos started from Milan onto Athens which took about 2hr 15mins, I could see from the desert like landmass I wasn’t in Italy anymore. Temperatures in Greece tend to get extremely hot in summer and walking off the plane in Athens International Airport proved that. Luckily my transfer flight to Mykonos was short and managed to board 45mins after landing, then another 30mins onto Mykonos from Athens.

Best Gyros in Town at Sakis

When I arrived in Mykonos I was picked up from my Accommodations driver free of charge, I stayed at Artemoulas Studios in Platis Gialos. A family ran business with great Greek Hospitality and friendly smiles, they couldn’t do enough to help me when I arrived. I was greeted from the Owners and was explained the local map of the Island and what I could do, they also gave me numerous recommendations of restaurants, beaches and of course nightlife tips.

Studio Views at Artemoulas Studios

My room was a little studio with cooking facilities that had a balcony which opened up to beach views of Platis Gialos beach, I was lucky enough to have a pool and relaxation area for a little peace and quiet away from the busy towns. I started my first day by exploring the local town to get familiar with it all and walking along the beach check out all the beach clubs, as night came I decide to eat locally at Avli Tou Thodori which I started off with Saganaki (a greek fried cheese battered in flour) and Chicken Souvlaki served with fresh fries and yogurt dip.

The following day was full of relaxation and of course Greek Food! During the morning I sat by the pool then began walking to Paranga Beach were I found a little restaurant called Nikolas Taverna – a traditional family owned restaurant that’s been in business since 1967 and is still operated by the same family. During my visit I choose to experience a traditional Greek Salad, In Greece a Greek Salad does not contain Lettuce by only Cucumber, Tomato, Feta, Olives, Extra Virgin Oil and Seasoning.

Nice Feta, but where is the Lettuce?

This area is also the located to 2 of the best beach clubs in Mykonos, SantAnna and Scorpios  they are both amazing places to visit for a bit of luxury, premium quality food and great music. Each are not alike as they both have there own themes and decors – a top place to visit when going to Mykonos, just remember that reservations are required for entry and should be booked 2-3 days in advanced and a 1-2 weeks in advanced in peak season (June – September)

Swimming Pool at Artemoulas Studios

A trip to Mykonos isn’t worth missing Mykonos Town and that exactly where I went tonight to explore. The town is just crazy but those blue and white building are just so pretty, it’s so easy to get lost as many of the streets do not have signs. If your going to Greece you cannot miss having Gyros and I found one of the best Gyros shops in town – Sakis. Later on I watched the sunset from the Famous Windmills in Town then heading to Little Venice to check out all the beach front restaurants which are known for there delicious seafood.

Little Venice, Mykonos Town

When you go to Mykonos for the first time you will notice many different people using all forms of transportation, the one that many tourist spot out is either Scooters or Quad Bikes, so today I decided to fit it with everyone and hire a Quad Bike. I had no idea where I was going at first but eventually headed up to the North Part of the Island for Agios Sostis beach where I eat at one of the best seafood restaurants on the Island (in my opinion) Kiki’s Tavern, this place has great reviews I waited for 2hrs to get a sit – well worth the wait but sunscreen was needed badly. Here I started off with a fresh Couscous Salad served with corn, carrot, parsley and onion – then for main I had Grilled Squid with a side of Potatoes.

Agios Sostis Beach, North Mykonos Island

I was lucky enough to bump into Australian DJs Nervo who were dining here also with Sneaky Sound System.

For my last night in town I was planning a quiet night and dinner at Yialos Yialos until I meet some other Australian’s including Chadwick Model Emily Nash who just arrived on the island late afternoon. We all spend our afternoon by the Pool Bar having multiple shots if this homemade Greek Liquor, wasn’t long until I also meet a family from Surry, England and two guys from Oxford.

My quiet night turned into a party night with the guys from Oxford and we headed into Mykonos Town to go to the Skandinavian Bar for some live music, drinks and a little but of crazy dancing, a great place to meet new people and to have a big one out.

My trip to Greece may have come to an end but it now means I need to plan ahead for another destination in Greece to experience.

μέχρι να συναντηθούμε ξανά (Until we meet again)

At the front of Artemoulas Studios.

Peace Out


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