The way for an Australian to obtain an Italian Citizenship

“La via per ottenere la Cittadinaza Italiana per un Australiano”

Over the past year I have been in the process of obtaining my Italian Citizenship through my grandfather who migrated to Australia and didn’t revoke his citizenship to become an Australian. Little did I know that my grandfather applied for my father to become an Italian citizen back in the 80’s which made the process easier for me.

To begin the process, I gathered all my grandfather’s legal documents which included: Birth Certificate (Certificato di Nascita), Passport (with Australian residency visa) and Marriage Certificate.

After collecting these documents you will need to book the first appointment at the Italian Consulate General in Melbourne which on the website is advertised “Recognition of Italian citizenship by descent (1st appointment)” These documents are required to help the consulate locate that you have relatives from Italian descent.

On the day of your appointment you must make sure that you have the  following:

  1. A valid Australian Passport.
  2. A valid Driver licence issued in Victoria or Tasmania with your current address (a driver licence on its own is not considered to be a form of I.D.)
  3. Your birth certificate.
  4. The application fee of Approx. $470 AUD payable in cash, Australia Post Money Order or Bank Cheque. (see table of fees)
  5. Italian Relatives legal documents

When you arrive, you will need to sign a document that states you are willing to proceed with your application . The application is not refundable so If you’re not certain that you are eligible on applying for this keep in mind that if you are rejected you’ll be out of pocket.

In the event that you have been approved to continue with your application you will be given a document with instructions to finalise the process. This will include getting an Apostille stamp on your birth certificate, your mother or fathers birth and marriage certificate (if they not already a citizen) from the Department of Foreign & Trade. Once the Apostille has been done you will then need to contact a certified translator as your documents will need to be in Italian for the consulate to process overseas.

After all these have been completed you will then need to make a second appointment which is advertised “Recognition of Italian citizenship by descent (2nd appointment)” This is to hand in all your documents and confirm with the Italian government your application of citizenship.  The consulate will notify you 7-8 weeks after your appointment to confirm when you can apply for your Italian Passport.


All this process takes time so don’t expect to gain your passport in less than a year. Anything that I have missed or need further clarification on please contact me at

Best of luck,



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