Welcome to Twenty Nineteen

Hello fellow followers and a happy new year to all, what an exciting year I have ahead of me. A lot of travelling in store for me around Europe and of course Australia.

It has been a while since I’ve posted on my site, but I’ve been extremely busy with my IT job and finding the downtime has been rather difficult. It’s a new year now and things are starting to slow down so I’d thought I’d share what is the go for 2019.

The big trip of 2019 is heading over to Europe to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday but whilst I’m there why not head to other places I’ve never been to before. This trip has been planned to be very relaxing and more time spend in these new places.

I will begin my trip by spending 3 days in Ayia Napa located in southern Cyprus. This area is Renowned for its beautiful beaches and nightlife. Following Cyprus, I will be heading to Vienna, Austria. Known as the music capital of the world and the world’s most liveable city, this will be a great opportunity to get to uncover Vienna’s best restaurants and attractions.

Its then Abschied Vienna and Willkomeen to Munich for Prezels and beer halls for 3 days, during my stay visit I plan to visit one of Germany’s famous castles and explore the historical sites of the city.

London will also have been on the list of places I’ve visited, I know I have been here numerous times but I’m hoping to do things I haven’t yet. I’ve already gotten my tickets to visit Buckingham palace, maybe a stage show or visit to a summer market.

My dad will spend his 50th Birthday in Otranto, located in southern Italy in the Puglia region. My visit time visiting this region and southern Italy! Beaches, food and drinks are my plans. Following Otranto the remainder of my trip will include Mykonos, Dubai and Singapore before heading back home for some more trip planning.

Been to any of these places? have some tips? I would love to hear from you! email me at tzulsconquerstheworld@outlook.com

Happy travels




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