Book Review: Getting into My Dream University


Published By Chelsea Cucinotta

I know you’re probably thinking why is a Travel Blogger doing a review on a Book that isn’t in his content? Well to answer that I was completely blow away with how this book was written with its useful information I couldn’t help but to write about it to share with everyone, as well as supporting my friend Chelsea for her first published novel.

Chelsea told me that even though the book is aimed for students who are looking into getting into their choice of university its main point is about setting goals, for this I can relate. When I finished school and entered TAFE to study more in Information Technology I knew working in this industry didn’t feel like my goals in life were reached. Once I saved up from working full-time I was then able to explore the world and then come home wanting to write about it all.

My blog site doesn’t  earn me an income, it’s just a hobby that I’m deeply passionate about. I love travelling and heading to new places but at the end of the day coming home to write about where I’ve been is the best feeling. My goal is too reach people with my content and for them to consider going to these places. There is so many more places I want to visit and I’m just going to keep taking each opportunity to travel to them.

A big congratulations to Chelsea and all your success, the world is your oyster and whatever may come from this book I wish you best of luck.

For those’s interested in purchasing Chelsea’s new book can do so from the following link!

Purchase “Getting into My Dream University” 

Happy reading and travelling!

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