As the world is dealing with the outbreak of Coronavirus the demand of travel has dropped significantly with many airlines reducing flights, grounded fleet, and staff. Most countries around the world has closed their borders and travelers who’re entering must quarantine for a minimum of 14 days.

In Australia, the daily new cases of this virus are starting to decline, and many people are now getting out and about whether is be going out for dinner, heading to friends, family members or just general socializing. But what about travel? Is it safe to travel as well?

The short answer is Yes, but travel options are limited. All non-essential international travel in and outbound is banned indefinitely. Western Australia have closed their borders to the rest of the country with exceptions for essential travel. All other states remain open (except to Victoria and Parts of New South Wales)

Many State & Territory leaders are encouraging people to travel within their home states and territories to support local businesses who have been closed during this pandemic. Whilst the idea of travelling around may be inviting to people the need to keep distances and take safety precautions is still highly recommended by local and national governments.

For someone like myself that is so passionate about travelling is has been a real hard adjustment to not go anywhere besides work. I am yet to plan myself a trip to visit some stunning places around my home state of Victoria when the second wave of COVID-19 is contained.

Until then keep safe and remember to keep that 1.5 metre distance when heading out for essential tasks. I look forward to the reinstatement of leisure national travel and international travel for 2021 …. I hope.

Stay safe,


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