Trip Review: Virgin Australia’s Mystery Break’s

As most of my followers know, I’ve recently gone on a Mystery Break purchased through Virgin Australia back in March. So, what is a mystery break? Let me explain. Virgin Australia offers these special holiday packages to a surprise destination in Australia. It is a great gift for those who want an extra bit of adventure or to treat themselves with no expectations of location.

The mystery destination is revealed a day before travelling, bookings need to be made at least 2 weeks before your chosen departure date to guarantee your trip. All the packages include return airfares with luggage allowance, 4-5-star accommodation, return airport transfer and the option to exclude one destination of your choice.

As the days went by and my trip was getting closer, I had no idea where I would end up, Friday morning came, and I finally got my confirmation email from Virgin Australia of my trip to the Sunshine State’s capital Brisbane. I’ve been to Brisbane many times before, so I’ve seen a lot of the city, luckily, I hired a car as part of my trip which was an extra, but I was able to explore other regions around Brisbane. As soon as I got to my car I took off towards the Sunshine Coast and the town of Caloundra.

Caloundra has always interested me in visited, it has a much slower pace than other parts of Queensland such as the Gold Coast but the thing I loved about this town the most was how untouched its beaches were. The beach is where find to be the most relaxed, I was shocked with how beautiful the sand and water was, I can see why the Sunshine Coast is renowned for the place where Australians come to relax. No trip to a new town is complete without trying the local restaurants and cafes. Social Media sources informed me of a café called ‘White Picket Fence’ on Bulcock Street. The café is run by a husband and wife and it is very much Melbourne influenced with a touch of relaxation vibes. The food was so delicious and cannot wait to one day return to indulge on the Breakfast Gnocchi and a Macadamia Latte.

The following day I took to visit the Moreton Bay region, which is around 40-minute drive from Brisbane. I arrived in the historic seaside town of Redcliffe which reminded me a bit of Cowes in Phillip Island. I was lucky enough to come on a day when the local food market was on, I got to see a lot of local fresh produce and homemade essentials. Unfortunately due to the windy weather, it wasn’t a nice day to sit along the beachfront but when it picks up it is a perfect spot to relax during the day. Further down the road is Scarborough Beach a kids friendly beach with two different playgrounds, both are guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment.

A trip to Brisbane isn’t complete without heading to West End for an afternoon session. West End has a quirky vibe known for its many bars and cafes. If you’re a Gin lover then Convert Garden is the place to be. One of my favourite bars for live music, selection of sharing platters and variety of drinks. if this place isn’t your scene Boundary Street has so many different options for you to choose.

That sums up my latest trip for 2020, unfortunately, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, it has been quite different to plan anymore trips. Once things start settling some impulse travel is on the table. So why not book yourself a mystery trip to an unknown destination? time to get some fun back into our life’s after recovering from the devastating year, it will be worth it!

For more information of Virgin Australia’s mystery breaks click here (Due to the voluntary administration of Virgin Australia, Mystery Breaks including the use of Mystery Breaks vouchers are currently not available) or you can contact me via email @ I look forward to e-meeting you.

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