Upcoming Trips for 2022

Now that that worse is behind us (fingers crossed) we can finally take a breath and plan for future events like travelling. So I’d thought I would do a short blog about my upcoming trips during the winter season in Australia.

Firstly, we have an upcoming public holiday in Melbourne so it was the perfect opportunity to head away and also to celebrate the winter season. It will be my first time ever in Hobart, Tasmania, and the festival ‘Dark Mofo’ – a celebration of the Winter Solstice (Shortest Day of the Year for the Southern Hemisphere) during this trip I’ll also be checking out Hobart’s foodie scene as well as some landmarks around the city.

July is the coldest month of the year in Melbourne why not head somewhere warm? So I’ll be off to Trinity Beach in Far North Queensland. Part of Cairns’ Northern Beaches, Trinity Beach is the southernmost beach closest to Cairns City Centre. I have previously been to Cairns Area before but have only stayed in Palm Cove and Port Douglas many years ago, this will be a great opportunity to explore more of the area and find those hidden gems.

Later in the year, there may be some other trips, but I haven’t decided what I will be doing at this stage. I am always open to feedback and tips for other places to visit, you can contact me via email @ tzulsconquerstheworld@outlook.com I look forward to e-meeting you.

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